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Birds of Sakonnet

Photographs by Peter Goldberg

In the Gamm Lobby Gallery through May 29


Art for sale at the box office.



Birders say there is usually a specific moment or event when they got hooked on birds. For me, it began when my wife and I spent our first winter on Sakonnet Point in 2018. A group of nine Great Blue Herons took up temporary residence at Round Pond, and I became fascinated by the detail I could capture with my camera of these majestic creatures. Taking the time to observe the Herons opened my eyes to the many different birds that surround us every day and made me interested in learning more about their lives.


So many of the birds we see spend their lives traveling great distances around the globe, migrating from one place to another; some birds are stopping by our neighborhood briefly - for food and rest, or to stay a few months to breed. 


We can relate to many of their behaviors - scratching an itch, taking a bath, floating in the ocean surf, fishing, or competing for food. While our daily lives have been disrupted by a pandemic, I’ve found comfort in watching birds going about their lives as they have for thousands of years. Birds have a lot to teach us about resilience and what it takes to navigate and survive in a changing world.

This series of photographs in whitewash wood frames are being sold as a limited edition. In this style, only 5 prints of each image will sold in each size. All the photographs are printed with Ultrachrome inks on Hahnamuhle Photo Rag Satin Paper by iolabs in East Providence, RI. The wood frames are custom made by Scott Benson and painted by hand.

Yellow Warbler, Briggs Marsh, Little Compton