Complicated, passionate and difficult, John Quincy Adams was a brilliant diplomat, congressman, and ineffectual one-term president known for his eloquence, arrogance and integrity. This unique, highly-theatrical play by award-winning playwright Aaron Posner (Stupid F**king Bird) imagines key confrontations between JQA and some of America’s most dynamic figures: George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, his own father, John Adams and more. At once provocative, haunting and hilarious, this power play challenges the way we think of our country, our government and ourselves.

"JQA is an ambitious, delightful work that not only makes for an enjoyable theater experience, but also leaves its audiences ruminating on the deeper philosophies it explores….Something that will linger in minds long after the lights have lifted, much like any presidential legacy." Broadway World




Normand Beauregard*

JQA/John Adams/

Henry Clay  

Helena Tafuri

JQA/Louisa Adams/ Abraham Lincoln

Candice Brown*

JQA/George Washington/ Abigail Adams/

Louisa Adams

Jonathan Higginbotham*

JQA/Andrew Jackson/

Frederick Douglass


Associate Director: Tyler Dobrowsky

Set Design: Michael McGarty

Costume Design: Meg Donnelly

Lighting Design: Steve McLellan

Sound Design: Charles Cofone

Production Management: Jessica Hill

Stage Management: Kristen Gibbs*

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.


BWW Review: JQA at The Gamm Theatre

"Even if one isn't a history buff, JQA is a thoughtful and thought-provoking piece of theatre, exploring the responsibility we owe to both our loved ones and our country. Gamm's production is not to be missed."  - BROADWAY WORLD  read the review >

The Gamm's 'JQA' is a must-see and not just for history buffs

"Rarely has a performance stirred my soul and sparked my patriotism as profoundly as "JQA" — the stunning, superb, ever-so-timely, four-person play on stage at the Gamm Theatre through Nov. 17." - THE WESTERLY SUN  read the review >

"JQA" At The Gamm Offers A Reflection Of America

"The Gamm Theatre is telling stories of American times, from the days of George Washington to Abraham Lincoln, with John Quincy Adams in the middle. Bill Gale says it’s a whirlwind play that will give you much to think about." - THE PUBLIC'S RADIO  read review >

Riveting ‘JQA’ at GAMM Theatre

"It is a brilliant and excellently written play. Riveting and electrifying, the play shows great depth and emotion and isn’t dry as dust as one would expect from historical plays." - THEATRE MIRROR  read the review >

JQA at the Gamm is Sharp, Relevant and Funny

"This riveting piece of theater focuses on a man desperate to be a different person than he was raised to be, but duty to country and family are both powerful forces that pull him from those dreams." - WPRO  read review >

The Gamm’s ‘JQA’

"This Aaron Posner play provokes the audience to not only consider government functions of the 19th century, but also how this foundation has affected our current democracy; all through the life of statesman, diplomat, lawyer, former secretary of state, and one-term president John Quincy Adams."  - EAST GREENWICH NEWS  read the review >


"The Gamm Theatre’s excellent and revealing new production of JQA provided a wonderful and uplifting breath of fresh air, as it reminds us of America’s fractious past and offers a positive message that a solution is possible, whether from this generation or the next. " - MOTIF  read the review >

"JQA" At The Gamm Offers A Reflection Of America

"Director Tony Estrella utilizes this well-chosen cast in a riveting, thought-provoking and vibrant show. "JQA" will make you question why some of these issues are still being debated to this day, perhaps we haven't traveled so far from the early days of American government? Go to the Gamm and see for yourself." - EDGE PROVIDENCE  read review >

The Gamm’s production of ‘JQA’ hits every target

"From the references to America in music that plays as audiences take their seats, to the emotion that’s hard to shake even as folks exit the theater, The Gamm’s production of “JQA” hits every target." - THE CALL  read the review >

‘JQA’: Versatile Cast Echoes Warnings Against Fearful Politics

"What makes “JQA” unique is the four-member cast who all take turns playing Adams and the various figures who shaped his worldview." - WARWICK POST  read review >

Gamm’s ‘JQA’ makes history fun and relevant

"Of all the great theatre Gamm has given us over the years, “JQA” ranks near the top. It will amuse you. It will educate you. It will move you. And you will leave the theatre wanting to do good and do more. By removing a handful of four-letter words, it would be an important play for every junior high or high school history class." - WARWICK BEACON  read review >