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The Winter's Tale

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From The Stage to The Classroom
The Gamm Is Bringing Shakespeare to Students withThe Winter's Tale Project

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Tony Estrella

Providence Business News:
5 Questions with Artistic Director Tony Estrella


"At The Gamm, we strive to provide room for the awe and wonder that theatrical storytelling can create.... Escape means the power to surprise, to allow us to reach beyond the bounds of our own point of view by challenging it with the refracted glimpse of its opposite. In other words, art isn't pretty. It's beautiful." Full Interview>

Yankee Magazine:


Yankee Magazine, May/June 2014

Intimate, engaging and smart, the Gamm has a reputation for producing plays that challenge. Expect a thoughtful lineup of classic and new works, sharp acting, and theatre you'll be talking about for days. Read article >

Providence Monthly:



The world has changed considerably since William Shakespeare’s time on Earth, but adolescents and teenagers in modern America’s fast-paced digital culture still find themselves grappling with the same types of urges, emotions, confusion and issues that Shakespeare captured in his plays and sonnets – which is precisely what makes them timeless. read article >


Providence Monthly:


Youth is wasted on the young, but learning doesn’t have to be. At The Sandra-Feinstein Gamm Theatre in Pawtucket, the Education Department has been offering adult education classes for much of the past decade in response to consistent community demand. According to Susie Schutt, education director, the roster of classes has something for all skill levels, meaning that if you’re looking for a fun, interactive way to expand your horizons and get away from the doldrums of being a grownup, this could be a good bet for you. read article >


Providence Journal:


After watching the performance, the audience participated in a "talk-back" discussion with playwright Andrew Case, nonviolence trainer Sal Monteiro Jr. and University of Rhode Island associate journalism professor Kendall Moore. read article >


Providence Journal:


Although Anthony Goes is calling New York home these days, he is a local boy from Pawtucket who started high school at St. Raphael Academy and graduated from Tolman High. read article


Take | September 2015:


Perhaps it’s useful to think of The Gamm as Trinity’s younger, funky, feisty sibling—a sibling that, as Estrella explains, is particularly drawn to “hot-button topics that other people might find controversial.” 

full article > 


Classical 95.9:


The Gamm Theatre was the subject of an episode of Classical 95.9's "Conducting Conversations" radio program. Listen to Mark Maino and The Gamm Theatre's Artistc Director, Tony Estrella, talk about the upcoming 2015 – 2016 season, and hear some selections of blues music that will be used in the production of A Streetcar Named Desire that opens in September. Listen to the podcast >




As Mickey Rooney exclaimed in all those movies with Judy Garland: "Say! Why don't we put on a show?!" Variations on that notion have been uttered with similar enthusiasm all across the country, with impressive results. Full article >


Providence Journal:

Gamm Theatre's upcoming season is a mix of classics, timely drama, dark comedy

Pawtucket's Gamm Theatre will kick off its 2015-16 season in September with a Tennessee Williams classic, a timely play about an unarmed black teenager gunned down by the police, and the final grisly chapter in Martin McDonagh's dark but funny "Leenane Trilogy." Full article >


Providence Monthly:

30 Dramatic Years: 10 reasons why the Gamm Theatre is still going strong after three decades 

This year, Pawtucket's Gamm Theatre celebrates its 30th season, and will mark the occasion on March 30 with Gamm Gala 2015: The Gamm Turns 30. Full article >



SOCO Magazine:

Putting on a Show at The Gamm Theatre 

The Gamm Theatre is known for its ability to push the boundries of performance. Full article >

Providence brothers, aged 10 and 13, find acting is a family affair
Providence Journal, March 13, 2014

Brothers Elliot and Phineas Peters, 13 and 10 years old respectively, are just normal kids who like biking and swimming. But they share another interest — theater. And in this case, we’re not talking child’s play.

American Theatre, November 2013

This month's issue of American Theatre magazine highlights Rhode Island Teaching Artists Center (RITAC), the state's first resource center for professional teaching artists, housed and administered by The Gamm Theatre in collaboration with Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA). 


Providence Monthly, September 2013

“I think these plays are going to really resonate with people emotionally,” [Tony Estrella] says. “It’s like any of the great, allegorical stories we tell each other that begin ‘Once upon a time…’”


Providence Journal, September 8, 2013

The Gamm Theatre’s Tony Estrella has been trying for some time to get permission to pair two one-act plays by English dramatist Caryl Churchill. “A Number” and “Far Away” have both been done a lot on their own, but the playwright had been reluctant to see them put together as a single night of theater.



The Gamm Theatre in collaboration with Rhode Island State Council on the Arts is pleased to announce the creation of the Rhode Island Teaching Artists Center (RITAC) aimed at connecting teaching artists with job opportunities in the public and private sector.


Providence Journal, June 11, 2013

The annual pell Awards, named for the late U.S. Sen. Claiborne Pell, were given out Monday night. This year's winners included actress Kate Burton, daughter of the famed actor Richard Burton, and John Krasinki, of the NBC comedy "The Office" ... and Tony Estrella, artistic director of the Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre."





Providence Journal

Twisty 'Winter's Tale' wraps up Gamm's season​ 

The Pawtucket theater company offers a solid production of one of Shakespeare's final plays, about a royal family torn apart by jealousy. read review



Enthralling WINTER'S TALE Spins a Storybook Ending to Gamm's Season​ 

Pawtucket's Gamm Theater has taken this complex, unique blend of storytelling and staged a glorious Winter's Tale, proving once again why the company is critically and popularly lauded as the gold standard for Shakespearean productions in Rhode Island. read review


Edge Providence

The Winter's Tale Review 

The Gamm brings its 31st season to a close with a magical, exhilarating production of Shakespeare's family drama, complete with flawless delivery, extraordinary performances and a colorful exuberance that shines through and triumphs over the disastrous consequences resulting from a simple misunderstanding. read review >


RI Public Radio

With 'Winter's Tale' The Gamm Takes Shakespeare's Challenge Head On 

Pawtucket's Gamm Theatre is closing its season with one of William Shakespeare's most difficult to do plays. But Bill Gale says this version of “The Winter's Tale” is the best he's ever seen. Under rigorous direction by Fred Sullivan Jr., this play -- which could be called Shakespeare's “curve ball” -- becomes a delight, a musical joy praising the best in our world. read review >


The Sun Chronicle

Gamm makes the best of 'Winter's Tale'

Nobody does Shakespeare like The Gamm. Productions are lively, hilarious when called for, heartbreaking when tragic, and accessible, even in Elizabethan English. All that's true of The Gamm's current production of "The Winter's Tale." read review > or view PDF >


Warwick Beacon

Gamm’s ‘The Winter’s Tale’ told masterfully told 

Director/actor Fred Sullivan Jr. once again joins his fellow actor/artistic director Tony Estrella to give us a true taste of a Shakespearean buffet, filled with drama, intrigue, romance, comedy and some theatre magic that pays tribute to the greatest playwright of all time. read review >



Shakespeare Shines at The Gamm 

What better way to spend the weekend of Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary than with the bard himself? A Winter’s Tale, now enjoying a run at The Gamm Theatre in Pawtucket, seems to be the quintessential play to put on at this time. read review >


Narragansett Times

A feast for the soul at Gamm 

There is a feast at the Feinstein Gamm Theatre through May 29 ­­ a festival for the eyes, the ears, the heart and the soul; a treatise to the range of human emotions and the power of the mystical. The Gamm has chosen as its final play this season,“The Winter’s Tale,” a seldom staged, evocative emotional roller coaster with the most unexpected ending in all of Shakespeare ­­ both breath giving and breath taking.

read review > or view PDF >



Gamm’s “A Winter’s Tale” gets Shakespeare exactly right 

Confession time: I was a little apprehensive about seeing “A Winter’s Tale” at the Sandra Feinstein Gamm Theatre this weekend. Not because I don’t think the Gamm does good work. In fact, as much as I try to avoid the dreaded “must see!” in my reviews, I don’t think there’s a show this year I haven’t actively encouraged my friends to attend. The Gamm has enjoyed an exceptional season. read review >


Mercury, Newport

The Babe, the Bard & the Bear (Mercury Newport)

If there’s a better way to mark the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death than to experience one of his finest plays in the friendly confines of the Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre, then I’d like to know what it is. Not only does the Gamm’s close proximity to the players and other patrons give you a feeling of what it must have been like standing elbow to elbow in the pit of the Globe Theater in London, but under Fred Sullivan Jr.’s direction the players’ perfect articulation of the Bard’s exquisite words make the action perfectly comprehensible as well. read review >





The Gamm's Deliciously Dark A SKULL IN CONNEMARA

Dark humor can be a challenge at times, but when it works, it can be so completely satisfying that it sticks in your mind long after the show is over. A SKULL IN CONNEMARA is one of those shows, and not only is author Martin McDonagh's writing is a delightful exploration of the twisted and macabre, but the outstanding performances of Jim O'Brien, Jonathan Fisher, Wendy Overly and Steve Kidd deliver McDonagh's words to the audience and leave them laughing until it hurts. read review >


The Sun Chronicle

Gamm's 'Skull in Connemara' overflows with wicked humor 

It's a strange feeling to be laughing over "graveyard shenanigans," but that's exactly what Irish playwright Martin McDonagh invites the audience to do during the entire 90 minutes of his black comedy "A Skull in Connemara." read review


Mercury, Newport

Playwright Martin McDonagh’s gift for dark comedy abounds in the Gamm’s production 

Director Judith Swift doesn’t pull any punches in this potent production of the third play in McDonagh’s celebrated Leenane Trilogy. read review


Warwick Beacon

Gamm’s A Skull in Connemara is a ’Smash’ 

Gamm Theatre’s Artistic Director Tony Estrella is a fan of Irish playwright Martin McDonough’s dark humor, having previously introduced him to Rhode Island audiences. read review >


Edge Providence

A Skull in Connemara Review 

Melancholy at best and repugnant at worst, the rural Irish village setting of darkly comic playwright Martin McDonagh's "A Skull in Connemara," now at Gamm Theatre, is home to an assemblage of unseemly characters whose appearance and demeanor are eerily reminiscent of a police lineup. read review >



A Violently Funny Skull in Connemara at The Gamm Theatre 

Playwright Martin McDonagh has often been described as “one of today’s most important living Irish playwrights,” a fact that casts a certain air of solemn gravitas and formality to the proceedings. That is, unless you have seen Gamm’s latest black-as-pitch comic triumph A Skull in Connemara, an absurdist and endlessly fascinating play that lifts a toast to murder and dances a veritable jig at death’s door.

read review >



“A Skull in Connemara” is dark, funny and real 

The Gamm’s 2015-2016 season has been one hit after another, and “A Skull in Connemara,” part of a trilogy by Irish author Martin McDonagh is no exception. It’s a masterfully directed piece that will keep you on your toes – and often in stitches – from start to finish.. read review >




Pawtucket Times

‘Grizzly Mama’ hunts down feminist, conservative foibles 

This play is very different, funnier and definitely satirical, but with the same insight into people and how they handle life, an insight that comes at surprising moments, and sometimes in hilarious dialogue.

read review >


Valley Breeze

Gamm’s ‘Grizzly Mama’ is powerful and entertaining

When you enter the theater, you are transported to another part of the world. You walk in through a birch forest, and look in on a living space done in early Bugaboo Creek. An antler chandelier, a deer head on the wall, a couch that looks like it’s made of hand-carved wood. read review >


Edge Providence

Review: Grizzly Mama 

Oh, the things we will do to make our parents proud. George Brant's darkly comic "Grizzly Mama," now at Gamm Theatre, is a brilliant, explosive portrayal of mother-daughter relationships, examined under the microscope of a political climate where the influence of loud voices and extreme viewpoints often inadvertently results in nonsensical and potentially harmful behavior.

read review


Mercury, Newport

Cross to bear: Feminist ideology and morality clash on stage at the Gamm

When Sarah Palin think-alike Patti “The Patriot” Turnbeck all but mauls the feminine mystique in the Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre’s nail-biting production of George Brant’s “Grizzly Mama,” all hell breaks loose in the Republic’s 49th state.

read review >


Providemce Journal

Gamm's 'Grizzly Mama' is a dark take on extreme politics 

George Brant's "Grizzly Mama," now playing at the Gamm Theatre through Feb. 7, has all the makings of a political potboiler ripped from the headlines. But it's really a play about mothers and daughters. At least that's where it shines. read review >


Rhode Island Monthly

Theater Takeaway: The Gamm’s Grizzly Mama 

What’s more surprising than a gun-toting liberal with a deadly vendetta? George Brant’s Grizzly Mama. read review 


RI Public Radio

'Grizzly Mama' At The Gamm Doesn't Stick To The Straight And Narrow 

Remember Sarah Palin? Of course you do. Who could forget?Well, the political career of Ms. Palin is the jumping off point for “Grizzly Mama” by George Brant, the author of the high-flying “Grounded” done at the Gamm last year.But “Grizzly Mama” is a very different piece of theater. It takes off and goes way beyond the blue yonder, into a world of familial atmosphere, good and bad, loving and hating. read review >


The Sun Chronicle

Gamm sends up political extremism uproariously in 'Grizzly Mama' 

Politics isn't bull, as Bernie Sanders has noted, but it can be downright hysterical when playwright George Brant has a turn at it.Brant's play "Grizzly Mama," now on stage at the Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre, is a darkly comedic look at liberal politics and the memories of off-beat Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. read review >


Warwick Beacon

Gamm’s ‘Grizzly Mama’ is black comedy at its grizzliest 

Playwright George Brant, who brought us “Grounded” in 2014 at Gamm, gets a bit darker with his latest play, “Grizzly Mama,” now getting a powerful production at Pawtucket’s Gamm Theatre. read review >






‘The Rant’ is compelling, important theater 
The end of the play will leave you questioning the truth and quite possibly questioning your own biases as well. There’s lots of good theater in Rhode Island these days but few could be classified as truly important to see. “The Rant” is one. Catch it before it closes, you’ll be better for it. read review >


RI Public Radio

Gamm Theatre's 'The Rant' One Not To Miss 

Confrontations between white police officers and people of color may be the main public conflict in the United States these days. At the Gamm Theatre, a play called “The Rant” looks into the issue, and goes on to possibly even deeper questions. listen to the review >



The Gamm Theatre's THE RANT is Powerful and Timely

THE RANT takes place in Brooklyn, NY, not too long ago--that's what the program says. It feels like it could have easily taken place within the past year, month or week. read review >


The Sun Chronicle

Gamm's 'The Rant' is must-see theater

There are few moments in a theatrical production that leave the audience amazed, where the only word that comes out is a stunned, "wow." If you can imagine an entire production that wraps after 90 of those moments, you've imagined "The Rant." read review >


Rhode Island Monthly

Theater Takeaway: Gamm’s The Rant

You find your seat, settle in, and the lights dim. Then, three shots reverberate through the theater. For the next ninety minutes, you’re tangled in the story, as invested in the truth as the four fictional characters onstage. read review >


Mercury, Newport

To tell the truth: Compelling drama on the search for justice at The Gamm

In the ... powerful new production of "The Rant," playwright Andrew Case makes a point of illustrating just how elusive a thing the truth can be when filtered through the experience of different people, especially when each individual has a stake in the outcome. read review > 


Warwick Beacon

Raw, riveting ‘The Rant’ at Gamm 
“The Rant” is raw, riveting theatre that will challenge your beliefs and points of view, and encourage you to dig deep within yourself before jumping to conclusions. read review >


Valley Breeze

'The Rant' challenges audiences in ripped-from-headlines production

“The Rant” is a wonderful bit of theater, one that will entertain, but also make you think. If you don’t walk out of the theater wondering what the truth of it all is, walk back in and sort it out. read review >


Motif RI

Compelling "Rant"

Sometimes the truth isn’t what it appears to be. The themes of police brutality, racial injustice and journalistic integrity run through The Rant, which is a compelling and effective drama featuring powerful performances and tight direction by Tyler Dobrowsky. read review >


Providence Journal

Truth is a shifting target in The Gamm's searing 'The Rant'

Tyler Dobrowsky's complex tale of a police shooting of a black youth poses timely questions about prejudice and objectivity. read review >






Providence Journal 

A riveting Blanche makes Gamm's 'A Streetcar Named Desire' a must-see

If I were the guy giving out the acting awards, I'd make sure a bunch of them went to Marianna Bassham for her devastating portrayal of fragile Blanche DuBois. For Bassham's stunning performance is one big reason Tennessee Williams' "A Streetcar Named Desire" is one of the best shows the Gamm Theatre has ever mounted. read review >


Boston Globe

Bassham makes the Gamm’s ‘Streetcar’ a memorable ride

Bassham captures Blanche’s escalating desperation and psychological disintegration so completely that even when she laughs, it half-sounds like a sob. But then this actress has often been at her best when inhabiting characters who are coping with extreme circumstances, such as the woman trying to break free of a loveless, dead-end marriage to a loutish husband in a 2009 production of Ronan Noone’s “Little Black Dress.’’ read review >



Review: A Streetcar Named Desire

"Streetcar" at Gamm is definitive must-see theater, because a production as extraordinary as this comes along only once in a decade. read review >



Gamm Theatre Kicks off the 2015-2016 Season with a Stunning A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE

Through the near-flawless execution of this masterpiece, The Gamm takes us back to 1947 and the heartbreak in The French Quarter. read review >


RI Public Radio

Gamm's Season Opener 'Streetcar Named Desire' Well Worth Seeing

So far, the Southern New England arts season has been a place for serious theater. Trinity Rep opened with Shakespeare's “Julius Caesar.” And now, Pawtucket's Gamm Theatre has presented Tennessee Williams' deep and driving “A Streetcar Named Desire.” read review >



Gamm’s “Streetcar” is a fantastic ride

The Sandra Feinstein Gamm theater made a strong opening to its 31st season with Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire,” directed by Tony Estrella. It’s a compelling interpretation of one of the best plays of the 20th century and does not disappoint from lights up to bows. read review >


The Sun Chronicle

Gamm opens season powerfully with 'Streetcar'

Staging the play true to its original intent, Director Tony Estrella skillfully draws every ounce of tension from the words, and coaxes gut-wrenching monologues and soliloquys from most of his players. It is Marianna Bassham who plays Blanche, however, who so perfectly captures the essence of an emotional breakdown in her performance that even Williams himself would have been stunned. read review >


Mercury, Newport

The Strangeness of Kin: Gamm’s new season starts with a mesmerizing new production of Tennessee Williams’ classic

The dream of the antebellum South is alive, even if somewhat tattered and torn, in Marianna Bassham’s smashing portrayal of Blanche DuBois in the Sandra-Feinstein Gamm Theatre’s mesmerizing new production of “A Streetcar Named Desire.” read review >


Warwick Beacon

Williams’ ‘Streetcar’ gets classic Gamm production

Tennessee Williams’ “A Streetcar Named Desire” is without question one of the masterpieces of the American theatre. If you want to see a classic production of Pulitzer Prize-winner play, get on the phone or Internet right now and make your reservations. read review >


Valley Breeze

The Gamm's 'Streetcar' is a must-see this fall

"A Streetcar Named Desire" is tense, a bit shocking, very well-produced, and show you should put on your fall entertainment calendar. read review >




Providence Journal:

Gamm's 'Marie Antoinette' a fresh, inspired look at flawed figure

Captivating cast gives a glimpse into the human side of the doomed royal. read review >


The Sun Chronicle:

'Marie Antoinette' enthralls and amuses at The Gamm

With a resounding thud from the beheading of the infamous 18th-century French Queen Marie Antoinette, the 30th season at the Gamm Theatre draws to a close, but not before a night of impressive and enthralling tragicomedy. read review >


RI Monthly:

Theater Takeaway: Gamm's Marie Antoinette 

It wasn't all fun, bonbons and sky-high hair for the notorious French queen. read review > 



Gamm’s ‘Marie Antoinette’ is flashy, funny and fearless 

Powdered wigs, f-bombs and imaginary sheep. You get them all in David Adjmi’s “Marie Antoinette,” now on stage at the Gamm. The slick, 90-minute production is infused with terrific theatrical moments thanks to the keen eye of director Rachel Walshe. Plus, the cast is stellar. read review >



Gamm Theatre's Season Ends With Timely MARIE ANTOINETTE 

At it's heart, though, is the story, one about a woman in power, her relationships, loves, losses, frustrations, victories and defeats, and it's a story that is well told and well worth seeing. read review >



'Marie Antoinette' Leaves Audiences Wanting More 

Madeline Lambert and the costuming alone are worth the price of admission, but a strong cast and confident direction by Rachel Walshe seal the deal. read review


RI Public Radio:

Gamm Theatre's Dazzling "Marie Antoinette" Doesn't Quite Connect 

The play is called “Marie Antoinette” and it is a wonderful, bright-eyed, goofy look at the life and times and very much the horrible death of the Austrian-born Queen of the French. read review >

Photo by Peter Goldberg

Edge Providence:

Not a Piece of Cake: Madeleine Lambert on 'Marie Antoinette' 

Madeleine Lambert, who previously played the lead role in "Anne Boleyn," takes on another historical figure in the Gamm's rendition of the audacious satire by David Adjmi "Marie Antoinette," which runs through May 31. read article >



Providence Journal:

'House of Blue Leaves' at The Gamm is hysterically funny 

Looking for a good laugh? I'm not talking about the occasional chuckle, or a giggle or two, but fall-down funny. Then head over to the Gamm Theatre for John Guare's zany "The House of Blue Leaves," which will have you rolling in the aisles. read review >


The Sun Chronicle:

Moving, memorable 'House of Blue Leaves' in Pawtucket

The ability to blend comedy and tragedy in a believable, even heart-breaking way is a true skill; the ability to stage such a story in a manner that has the audience laughing uproariously one minute, sighing sympathetically the next and gasping in horror in the third is genius. read review >


RI Public Radio:

Gamm Theatre's "House Of Blue Leaves" Is An Odd Delight

At the Gamm, director Fred Sullivan Jr. has propelled this production with all the quicksilver drive it needs. The show goes full speed ahead all the time, and that approach works. read review > 



Gamm’s ‘House of Blue Leaves’ a must-see 

Director Fred Sullivan Jr. has assembled a fantastic cast who interact with each other and break the fourth wall seamlessly, allowing the audience to enjoy the humor but refusing to let them disengage when things inevitably take a turn. read review >


GoLocal Prov:

Theater Review: The House of Blue Leaves 

A limping, paunchy zookeeper cracks the notes of his own crappy love songs. His girlfriend can’t keep a job and refuses him pre-marital cuisine. His wife grills Brillo pads for lunch and cringes like a dog unsure of receiving a pat or a beating. His AWOL soldier-son is going to blow up the Pope. And a nun steals his peanut butter. Such are the hilariously deranged and darkly violent elements of John Guare’s award-winning play The House of Blue Leaves, on thoroughly impressive display now at the Gamm Theatre. read review >


Warwick Beacon:

Guare’s classic tragicomedy a must-see at Gamm 

John Guare’s “The House of Blue Leaves” was written during the turbulent Vietnam War but is as relevant today as it was back then. The Obie Award and Drama Critics’ Circle Award winner is a must-see play for theatre lovers, not only because it is well written but also because director Fred Sullivan Jr. knows how to handle the quirky characters and crazy plot. read review > 



The Gamm's Sublime THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES Surprises in Many Ways

This wonderful theatrical mashup was written by John Guare in the mid-1960s. On the surface, it deals with a more-than-slightly dysfunctional family and their experiences on the day the Pope is visiting New York City. In their ramshackle apartment, we meet a man who writes songs and is obsessed with becoming famous, his depressed and schizophrenic wife, a woman with whom he wants to run away and start a new life, his AWOL from the Army son, a few nuns and a Hollywood actress, among others. read review > 





RI Public Radio:

A Raucous, Roiling Time of Murder and Madness 

Written by artistic director Tony Estrella, from the award-winning novel by British expatriate Barry Unsworth, “Morality Play” sweeps through a raucous, roiling time of murder and madness, of corruption, of just plain hard times. read review >


Providence Journal:

‘Morality Play’ is gritty, visceral show to savor 

After 15 years in the making, the Gamm Theatre’s Tony Estrella has finally unveiled his stage adaptation of Barry Unsworth’s medieval whodunit — “Morality Play.” read review > 


Boston Globe:

A medieval mystery unraveled in ‘Morality’

A medieval whodunit solved by a troupe of actors becomes a thrilling theatrical adventure in the Gamm Theatre’s world premiere of “Morality Play.” read review >


The Sun Chronicle:

'Morality Play' is masterfully medieval 

On stage now at The Gamm Theatre, the play offers an absolutely riveting two hours of entertainment, contemplation and, yes, even some gentle moral plugs. read review >


RI Monthly:

Gamm's world premiere is a theatrical perfect storm

Written by Gamm's Artistic Director Tony Estrella, this brand-new stage adaptation of Barry Unsworth's novel is theater for the everyman — as it was in the past and how it should be today, if done well. And Morality Play, which took Estrella fifteen years to complete, couldn't have been better. read review >


WPRO 630:

Gamm stages colorful, percussive “Morality Play” 

“Morality Play” is a refreshing, eclectic, percussive piece of theater that marries mystery, mayhem and masks in a delightful, energetic ensemble show. read review >



The Gamm Theatre’s Riveting Morality Play

The responsibility of an artist to society and how art reflects life are the major themes in Morality Play, a riveting drama that opened at The Gamm on Jan 1 and runs through Feb 1. read review >


Edge Providence:

'Morality Play' Review 

A grand evening of theater, not to be missed. read review >


Cranston Herald:

Intriguing ‘Morality Play’ at Gamm

Gamm Theatre’s artistic director, Tony Estrella, has taken the Bard’s advice, adapting novelist Barry Unsworth’s historical fiction “Morality Play” for the stage. read review >


East Bay RI:

‘Morality Play’ exuberant, introspective

To commence the start of this year the Gamm Theater in Pawtucket has been transformed into a roughhewn medieval courtyard. read review >


GoLocal Prov:

Theater Review: The Morality Play at the Gamm

Tony Estrella’s masterful reworking of Barry Unsworth’s novel, combined with a stellar group of performers, yields a sophisticated, resonant, and entertaining production that’s not to be missed. read review >


Mercury RI:

Unholy Alliances

Estrella’s nifty adaptation of Ibsen’s “Hedda Gabbler” was sensational earlier this season; however, the Gamm’s production of Estrella’s take on Barry Unsworth’s novel, “Morality Play,” is even better. read review

The Valley Breeze:

Gamm's 'Morality Play' is a 'first-rate theatrical event' 

It's early winter, 1361, somewhere in England. A young woman is arrested for the murder of Thomas Wells. An actor dies unexpectedly in the middle of a performance. A runaway monk takes his place in the traveling troupe. read review > 


The Sun Chronicle:

Pawtucket theater company revisits the Plague to open the new year

by John Larrabee

Back in medieval times, audiences never saw romantic comedies or whodunits. Acting troupes stuck with a few religious themes — the Adam and Eve story or The Last Judgement, for example — and repeated them over and over again. So how did stage acting eventually jump to Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus? Morality Play — which opens tonight (Jan. 1) Gamm Theatre — attempts to answer that questions. The play is an adaptation of Barry Unsworth’s 1995 novel of the same name, adapted by The Gamm’s artistic director, Tony Estrella. Full article

Providence Journal:

The Gamm staging medieval whodunit ‘Morality Play’

by Channing Gray

Now, New Year’s Day, Estrella will unveil what may be his most ambitious project to date, a stage adaptation of the late Barry Unsworth’s medieval whodunit, “Morality Play.” Actually, “Morality Play” is the first adaptation Estrella tackled, starting in 1999, just four years after the historical novel came out. Full article



RI Public Radio:

The Gamm’s Hedda Gabler Sparkles and Delights

Superb. This 'Hedda' sparkles and delights,sears and scares. read review >


Providence Journal:

Gamm's 'Hedda Gabler' is riveting

This powerful new version from the Gamm’s Tony Estrella has everything going for it — a masterful script, a cast that can do no wrong and tight direction from Estrella, who manages to breathe life into his characters without going overboard. They’re sharply drawn but remain so very human. read review >


WPRO 630:

Gamm’s spellbinding “Hedda Gabler” not to be missed 

The new adaptation of the famous Henrik Ibsen play is a delight, a perfect combination of raw drama, dark comedy and pure entertainment. It’s really what theater is all about. read review >


The Sun Chronicle:

Gamm's daring pays off big with 'Hedda Gabler'

"Hedda Gabler" is a masterpiece and the Gamm's production is equally masterful. For a second time this season, they have staged a show that is absolutely not to be missed. read review >


Mercury, Newport:

The Ibsen Girl

Estrella’s adaptation of Ibsen’s play and Bassham’s interpretation of Hedda shed new light on an old play, making Hedda’s search for relevance in a meaningless world as applicable today as it was more than a century ago. “Hedda Gabler” is a theatrical masterpiece that the Gamm makes as timely and accessible as if it was written last week. read review >



Excellent, Intense HEDDA GABLER Captivates at The Gamm

The Gamm's Artistic Director, Tony Estrella, challenges theatergoers to take a fresh look at Hedda through his new adaptation of Ibsen's celebrated work. read review >


Edge Providence:

If you are looking for some great entertainment this season, go and watch Hedda Gabler mess up some lives, it's bloody good fun. read review >


The Times:

Hedda herself may be difficult, but The Gamm’s “Hedda Gabler” is carefully thought out and excellently crafted.



RI Public Radio:

Gamm’s “Grounded:” An Incisive, Powerful Play

Written by a relatively unknown but fast-rising playwright, George Brant, this play flies high in many ways. It begins with our heroine, called “The Pilot,” rhapsodizing about being, well, a pilot. A fighter pilot, that is. A different breed. read review >


Providence Phoenix:

The War Within: The GAMM'S "Grounded" is Astonishing 

Wow. You know how some theater productions keep piling on elaborate sets and costumes to maintain your interest? So it’s all the more astonishing that a one-person play can have the jarring, echoing impact that Grounded, by George Brant, leaves you with in the performance by Liz Hayes at the Gamm. read review >


The Sun Chronicle:

Gamm Soars High with 'Grounded' 

It tells the story of a pilot's worst nightmare and a mother's worst nightmare, but "Grounded" is anything but a nightmare for its audience. 

read review > 


Providence Journal:

Gamm’s 'Grounded' One-Woman Knockout 

She was one of the best, an ace fighter pilot who knocked back beers with the guys and lived to patrol ”the blue,” the unfettered vastness of the heavens. read review >

Gamm Opens Season with Riveting Solo Show 'Grounded' 

With only one performer, an actress playing an American fighter pilot, the play examines many issues that are both timely and timeless, from the ethics of using unmanned drones in combat to the decisions faced by members of the armed services, and the consequences of those decisions. read review > 


Mercury, Newport:

Flight or fight? Gamm stages New England premiere of George Brant’s play about a pilot forced to fly without wings

Today’s high-tech blitzkrieg and its aftershock is the subject in George Brant’s terrific new drama, “Grounded,” now playing at Pawtucket’s Sandra Feinstein Gamm Theatre.  read review > 


Warwick Beacon:

Gamm’s ‘Grounded’ is absorbing theatre

American playwright George Brandt has written an absorbing, emotion-packed, one-woman play that will keep you glued to the stage for 80 minutes.

read review >


Edge Providence:

The Gamm's latest offering is nothing short of brilliant

"Grounded" is a one-woman play that absolutely tells in no uncertain terms the story of pilots that end up flying flightless missions, i.e., piloting drones from a windowless room in Las Vegas, Nevada for twelve hours at a time, five days a week. read review >


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Providence Phoenix:

Fall Arts Preview | Theater: Stories aching to be told

Swift on 'Grounded,' and a sneak peek at the season

by Bill Rodriguez

The fall theater season is bustling with promising productions, from a drama that’s known as Russia’s Hamlet to a dark comedy about a town hired to murder a millionairess’s former lover.

But perhaps the most intriguing play is  Grounded , by George Brant, which the  Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre is staging through September 28. It’s an intense one-woman drama about a scrappy fighter pilot whose unexpected pregnancy lands her behind a desk, remotely controlling terrorist-hunting drones in Afghanistan from the comfort of an air-conditioned trailer near Las Vegas. Unsurprisingly, workday tensions and attitudes bleed into her family life.

Some questions put to its director at Gamm, Judith Swift, proved illuminating. 

Full article

Photo by Bob Breidenbach

Providence Journal:

Gamm Theatre Season Opener Looks at Lone Pilot Operating Killer Drones

by Channing Gray

Playwright George Brant had been curious about drones for a while. What was our government up to in the name of its citizens, he wondered? Then three years ago, after looking into the facts surrounding unmanned aircraft, he sat down to put his thoughts on paper and came up with “Grounded,” a one-woman play about a fighter pilot assigned to operate drones in the Nevada desert. Full article

"It's the kind of show where, if friends asked, 'should we go?' You'd say 'well, I'd love to know what you think of it.' " Listen to RI NPR
"There is no question that this is a controversial play, but it is presented head on, while leaving plenty of room for you to make your own judgments and draw your own conclusions. You will be glued to the stage for 90 minutes." Warwick Beacon
"Magnificent performances. . . . Blackbird is a production that works perfectly in the Gamm's intimate space." BroadwayWorld

Blackbird truly makes you wrestle with the gray area that can sometime surround sexual abuse, in a way that will undoubtedly leave you feeling conflicted." WPRO


"Blackbird might cover a tough topic, but it’s worth putting ourselves through. With these fine performances, we may be surprised to develop empathy with Ray as well as sympathy for Una. With understanding, even of something we have no right to forgive, we can be the ones made more human." The Providence Phoenix


"What a play! . . . Blackbird is a troubling, gripping, provocative train wreck of a play that you absolutely cannot take your eyes away from, and while it may make you uncomfortable and maybe feel a bit traumatized, the Gamm’s production is what great theater is all about!Mercury, Newport


"Blackbird is powerful and provocative, leaving the audience stunned silent for the duration, afraid to miss a movement or word."

Attleboro Sun


"We in the audience are rapt . . . leaves us both mesmerized and shakenEast Bay Newspapers


"What the Gamm is known for -- challenging theater that affects your emotions and your intellect. . . . Leaves an impression you can't shake.The Times



"When it comes to Shakespeare, the Gamm gets it. If you don’t believe it, check out the theater’s searing “Macbeth.” 

Providence Journal


"There is no more fitting company this side of London to tackle the masterpieces of the Bard. ...enthusiasm oozes from this show." Sun Chronicle


"The timeless story of the quest for power is told in a powerfulin-your-face way that leaves the audience breathless." Warwick Beacon


"Inventive, powerful...disturbingly bold and immediate. ...Wonderful." The Providence Phoenix



"The Gamm staging of the classic tragedy is chock full of tension, anxiety and hysteria. It’s a full throttle, two hour ride that takes the audience to the brink of Macbeth’s insanity."



"This superior staging cuts to the very core of the narrative, delving into characters' motivations and focusing on ...Shakespeare's exquisite language."


"This is a Macbeth of substance and spectacle; the story may be old, but the telling is as fresh as blood from a flesh wound!"





The Big Meal


"Never has a production offered such a realistic and simultaneously heartwarming and heartbreaking slice of life as this. ...[LeFranc’s] skill…proves a perfect match for the company at Gamm, which has drawn the edge on Rhode Island theater and proudly walks it. …There is nothing like The Big Meal anywhere. The play is well written and entertaining in its familiarity, and the Gamm production is absolutely classic." Sun Chronicle


"There's also something of a rush to watch all that life, all that joy and suffering compressed into such a short period of time. …First-rate."  Providence Journal


"The Big Meal is a breathless tour de force of family drama. …It’s a story about people like us. …It’s a story we’ll all experience in our own way."  Providence Monthly


"There’s a moment in the show that everyone can relate to, no matter what age, religion or race. …For a terrific play that will undoubtedly join the canon of classics, head to the Gamm Theatre in Pawtucket to see The Big Meal."  WPRO



“A crackling production of a play. …The Big Meal is a big success." Rhode Island Public Radio (listen)


"The Big Meal serves up great theater." The Times


"The Big Meal is like a satisfying banquet that will stay with you for a long time. Warwick Beacon


"The theatrical feast served up by the good folks at The Gamm is sumptuous, satisfying and should not be missed." East Bay Newspapers


"Zipping along at the speed of changing relationships, The Big Meal, by Dan LeFranc, is being given an energetic and fascinating production at the Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre. "

The Providence Phoenix 

Good People

"Good People is just nothing less than a sizzling comedy with a real life message. It’s delicious, deep, delightful, and just plain dandy."

RI NPR (listen>)


"Good People...captures the essence of our time and place. The cast excellently delivers the script’s dramatic, funny, poignant, heart-wrenching and complicated twists, just like the road of life itself. ...Make reservations to claim one of the very few seats left to see Good People at The Gamm." 

Herald News


"Director Rachel Walshe and The Gamm have a wonderful piece of theater waiting for you. Don't pass up the chance to see a truly great play."

The Valley Breeze


"Riveting theater from a top-notch cast. ...A fabulous production that shouldn't be missed."

The Providence Journal


"Marvelous play, marvelous production... brought to heart-pounding life by superb actors...directed with agility by Rachel Walshe."

The Providence Phoenix


"Lindsay-Abaire weaves a beautiful story that transcends stereotypical notions of the rich and poor. ...A memorably funny and touching story."

The Sun Chronicle


"Good People is just nothing less than a sizzling comedy with a real life message. It’s delicious, deep, delightful, and just plain dandy."

RI NPR (listen>)


"Good People...captures the essence of our time and place. The cast excellently delivers the script’s dramatic, funny, poignant, heart-wrenching and complicated twists, just like the road of life itself. ...Make reservations to claim one of the very few seats left to see 

"The Gamm lobby was buzzing at intermission. ...Back in our seats, we were then treated to one of the best second acts I have ever seen, performed by three actors who have crawled inside their respective characters and held us in awe at the depth of their performances."

Cranston Herald


"One of the most important plays of our time, and one that should not be missed."


"An intelligent and fiercely funny work, The Gamm’s latest offering is a must see."

Edge on the Net


"Complex, thoughtful and outrageously funny."

The Times


"Where do luck...and opportunity factor into the equation? The Gamm, under the astute direction of Rachel Walshe, explore those questions in a play that makes us laugh at ourselves while we re-evaluate how we determine a person’s true character and the meaning of success."

Motif RI

A Number & Far Away

"Difficult stories with powerful messages, delivered by skilled actors. 'A Number' and 'Far Away' are typical of The Gamm. They are not, however, for the faint of heart. This is science fiction and requires imagination and open minds."

The Sun Chronicle



"As the absurdity becomes commonplace and the metaphors start to swallow their own tails, our fear grows. We’re afraid because we don’t understand any of it, but we’re more afraid because maybe, just maybe, we actually do."

Motif Magazine



"[Churchill's] work is somewhat unconventional and thought provoking, and such works are quite at home at The Gamm. In lesser hands these performances would certainly fall flat, but handled by the talented actors here, they become truly entertaining. " The Edge Providence




"What the Gamm has with 'Far Away' and 'A Number' is two spellbinding pieces. Churchill has written two heady plays that leave you chewing and chewing until you extract the juices from their meatiness." WPRO 630 (listen)



"The Gamm’s actors are as sharp as ever, providing an unforgettable experience for both the theatrical layman and the theatre aficionado. Everything about the production is utterly fantastic." Providence Monthly