U.S. Premiere!
JAN 17 - FEB 10, 2019

by Sarah Waters, adapted by Hattie Naylor, directed by Tony Estrella


"I thought everything would change, after the war. And now, no one even mentions it. It is as if we all got together in private and said whatever you do don't mention that, like it never happened."

In the late 1940s, calm has returned to London and people are recovering from the chaos of war. In a quiet dating agency, a bombed-out church and a prison cell, the stories of three women and a young man unfold backward to the heart of the Blitz, revealing the secret desires and regrets that bind them together. Olivier-nominated playwright Hattie Naylor has created a thrilling, inventive adaptation of the best-selling novel by Sarah Waters (Tipping the Velvet, Fingersmith).

"Expertly captures the surge of empowerment experienced by many women during the second world war." The Guardian

"The Night Watch burns with a slow but scorching intensity, like the blasts that constantly put its circle of four Londoners at risk. It's Sarah Waters' triumph." The Independent (UK) book review

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The Night Watch was recognized by StageSource's "Standing O" for promoting gender parity in theater.


Gillian Mariner Gordon*

Kay Langrish

Meg Kiley Smith*
Julia Standing/Mrs. Leonard

Jim O'Brien*
Horace Mundy/Mr.Wilson

Patrick Mark Saunders

Duncan Pearce

Rachel Dulude*

Helen Giniver

Erin Eva Butcher*

Viv Pearce

Casey Seymour Kim*
Mickey/Mrs. Alexander

Michael Liebhauser

Robert Fraser/Cole


Set Design by Michael McGarty

Costume Design by Meg Donnelly

Lighting Design by Steve McLellan
Sound Design by Alex Eizenberg

Stage Management by Robin Grady*

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States.

"When London producers failed to find a suitable venue in New York for Hattie Naylor’s adaptation of Sarah Waters’ remarkable novel, 'The Night Watch,' they agreed to let The Gamm premiere the play in the U.S. They should be glad they did." NewportRI.com>
"A beautifully flawed showcase of womanhood....You couldn’t ask for a better show this winter, and Gamm is lucky enough to have produced it for the first time on U.S. soil. Get in on the ground floor with this one and get your tickets today." WPRO review>

“I braved the storm to go down over the weekend, and I'm so glad that I did ...I mean this is a U.S. Premiere!” WGBH/Boston Public Radio

"Deftly captures London falling and the consequential futility of purpose." WGBH News | Open Studio with Jared Bowen review>

" 'The Night Watch' is a bold, searing piece of theater that speaks to the heart of humanity — when times are terrible, people are good." Providence Journal review>

"Reminds us of a time when gays and lesbians had to conceal their sexuality in order to fit into society. Through the bombs and the hail of bullets, their relationships managed to survive....It's a hopeful message for those of us living in uncertain times." EDGE Providence review>

"A delicate, insightful view of how it is to live through years of desperate war, and to have your own inner problems overwhelmed by the national battles....A play written about a very specific era with a message that is very relevent today. Go and see it."

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"The reward...is in the heart and soul of this story, and the emotion created by the eight, pitch-perfect actors who bring it to life....An absorbing drama that...offers a calming reassurance that goodness can persist." The Times

"Among a uniformly excellent cast, Gordon as Kay brilliantly employs subtle nuance to portray a quiet hero." Motif Magazine review>

"Powerful....The two hours roll by with the effortlessness of a film." Arts Fuse Review>

"A terrific show...be sure to catch the U.S. premiere of "The Night Watch" at Gamm Theatre to witness splendid direction and acting by one and all." Theatre Mirror Review>

"A production to remember. Thoughtful, poignant, tender and complicated, this is a play to discuss and analyze, ponder and savor....At its core, 'The Night Watch' is a love story...infused with history and themes of survival and hope." Westerly Sun Review>


“I was hoping to get the rights to do the show last year, but they were trying to stage the U.S. debut in New York City,” says Estrella, who resubmitted the request for this year. “When that didn’t happen, they chose us. We feel so very lucky.” Providence Journal preview>

"With its third show of its first season in Warwick, the Sandra Feinstein Gamm Theatre looks to transport audiences back to the Blitz in London during the heat of World War II and the stories of people who were left to pick up the pieces – but not necessarily in that order." 
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"[Meg Kiley] Smith notes the play will capture the "gritty reality" of life in the 1940s, when homosexuality was a forbidden and illegal in Britain. It's that view of the world which excites Smith about this story." Read the EDGE Providence preview>