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A portion of all art sales goes toward The Gamm's artistic and education programming.



NOV 2 - 26
Join us for an artist's talk on Sunday, Nov. 19 at
approx. 4:30pm

Through the Storm.JPG

"Through the Storm"  20" x 20"

Neechie Image.jpg

"Neechie"  44"x 36"

Artist Statement

This small installation exhibits 12 original new works that present a breadth of style and color. The collection is steeped in indigenous symbolism, a departure from the human form; the series invites the viewer to interpret the many lessons we can learn from self reflection. Using animals as the northstar of her focus, the artist creates a narrative that shares her own personal story while connecting with the audience in a familiar way.

Brooke Waldron Headshot_edited.jpg

Artist Bio
Brooke Waldron, a contemporary artist based in Hopkinton, R.I., is
 of mixed Seaconke Wampanoag/Narragansett heritage. Her work sets out to challenge systems of exclusion where Native American artistic expression is often contrived into a one-dimensional space. Waldron creates paintings and ceramic work that blend visual language and technical skill. She enjoys exploring the relationship between color,

nature, and a range of traditional symbolism. Brooke aims to bring the viewer closer to the unique power of the natural world and to provide an invitation to consider our kinship with it. In each of her works, Waldron speaks to a wider dialogue on the preservation and celebration of cultural values and honoring our four-legged relatives. More work on Brook's website and Instagram.

upcoming exhibitS

Warwick center for the arts


DEC 9 - 24

WCFA Facade Photo.jpeg

For the third year in a row, multi-media work by Warwick Center for the Arts members will be exhibited during the run of It’s a Wonderful Life: a Live Radio Play. Selected works draw on themes from the play such as family, community, winter, nostalgia, warmth, duality of darkness and light, and hope.

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