The Gamm Theatre is casting its 37th season and is accepting video submissions for Equity Principal Auditions. The first round of casting will not include an in-person audition. Call back dates are TBD and will be conducted via digital platform and/or in person as public health/professional safety protocols evolve. The Gamm is asking all eligible performers who wish to be considered for roles in next season’s productions to send their recorded audition pieces along with a headshot/resume through email by midnight June 25, 2021 to gammauditions@gammtheatre.org.  


The Gamm encourages participation by performers of all races, ethnicities and genders.


EMC and Non-Equity performers are also encouraged to submit video auditions along with headshots and resumes.


As with in-person auditions, each performer will be allotted a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes. We suggest that all performers prepare at least a 1-2 minute monologue of their choice. If you want to be considered for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, we encourage you to include a monologue from Shakespeare, preferably in blank verse.  


***All performers: Please indicate in the email subject heading your status as either an AEA member, Equity Membership Candidate or non-member.


For example: 

SUBJECT: Gamm Season 37 audition submission- non-union


SUBJECT: Gamm Season 37 audition submission - AEA


The Gamm is looking to cast roles in the following plays of the 2021-22 Season, which starts performances in September and runs through May. The available roles are:



A Lie Agreed Upon - a new version of Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People

by Tony Estrella, directed by TBD

Rehearsals begin August 31, 2021. Runs September 30, 2021 – Oct. 24, 2021



Dr. Thomas Stockman: Chief medical officer of the Baths. Visionary, ego-driven, smart and funny. Middle aged.

Katherine Stockman: Thomas’ wife and mother to Petra and Greta.

Petra Stockamn: Daughter of Thomas and Katherine. School teacher, 20’s. 

Greta Stockman: Daughter of Thomas and Katherine. Incredibly bright, chooses to be non verbal (must be a skilled physical performer), 13. 

Peter Stockamn: Thomas’ brother. Mayor of Springfield. Commanding, intelligent, middle-aged.

Morten Kiil: Katherine’s father. A wily businessman, 60-70’s.

Thea Hovstad: Editor of the People’s Messenger. Late 20’s, early 30’s. 

Billings: Assistant Editor of the People’s Messenger. 30’s. 

Aslaksen: Town printer and civic gadfly. “All things in moderation”. 50’s. 



It’s A Wonderful Life, A Radio Play by Joe Landry, directed by TBD

Rehearsals begin November 9, 2021. Runs November 26 -December 24, 2021



Freddie Filmore: Stentorian. 50’s.  

Jake Laurents: Plays George Bailey. 30-40. 

Sally Applewhite: Plays Mary, etc. 30-40. 

Lana Sherwood: Plays Ma Bailey, etc. 40-50.

Harry “Jazzbo” Heywood: Plays Clarence. 50’s. 

All performers must play multiple characters. Vocal virtuosity is a must.


An Octoroon by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, directed by Joe Wilson, Jr.

Rehearsals begin Dec. 28, 2021. Runs Jan. 27-Feb. 20 2022



BJJ/George/M’Closky: African American/Black male.

Playwright/Wahnotee/LaFouche: White male.

Assistant/Pete/Paul: Native American, mixed race, or South Asian male.

Zoe: Female.The character is 1/8 Black/mixed race but can pass for White.

Dora: White female.

Minnie: African American female or person of color.

Dido: African American female or person of color.

Grace: African American female or person of color.


Ironbound by Maryna Majok, directed by TBD

Rehearsals begin Feb. 22, 2022. Runs March 17- April 10, 2022



Darja [dar-ya]: She’s the title character. 20’s to early 40’s.

Tommy: Her boyfriend. A postman and philanderer.

Maks: Her past boyfriend and fellow immigrant. A dreamer and musician.

Vic: Male, African American. Teenage/early 20’s Darja [dar-ya]: She’s the title character. 20’s to early 40’s.



A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare, directed by TBD

Rehearsals begin April 5, 2022. Runs May 5- May 29, 2022 



Note: Many roles in MIDSUMMER will de doubled.

Oberon: Vain, authoratitive, powerful.

Titania: Proud, stong. Usurpser of the throne.

Bottom: De facto leader of an amateur acting troupe. Vainglorious and quixotic.

Helena: Young Athenian.

Hermia: Young Athenian.

Lysander: Young Athenian.

Demetrius: Young Athenian.

Puck: Oberon’s fairy assistant. Mischievous.

Peter Quince, Snug, Snout, Starveling, Flute: Laborers and amateur actors. Various ages, etc.  


No phone calls please. Any concerns should be addressed to gammauditions@gammtheatre.org.


Callbacks for individual plays are TBD.


Interested stage managers may send a resume to jess@gammtheatre.org


Artistic Director Tony Estrella will screen all submissions. Minimum weekly salary for Equity actors is $675. Minimum weekly salary for Equity stage managers is $809.