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Day after day, season after season, a monthly donation is a gift that helps us when we need it most. Our monthly donors are friends we can count on.


Your monthly gift of $10 or more helps us make your theater-going experience richer and supports education programming within the Pawtucket school district and humanities-based initiatives.


Monthly donations are gifts we can count on!


When you become a Gamm Guardian, you will be acknowledged on our website and in our playbills, receive special insider updates about our productions and happenings, and continue the good work of being a “Gammbassador.”  

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Friends We Can Count On

Thank you for your generous support!


Rena Abeles

Paul Altieri & Mark Lima

Joyce T. Amato

Connie Anderson

Kate Anderson

Bob & Rosanna Andrade

Samuel F. Babbitt

Eric & Nancy Behr

Rebecca Bertrand

Christina Bevilacqua

MaryAnn Bevilacqua

Diane M. Brown-Couture & Michael Couture

Diana Buirski

Sarah Bullard

Rosemary & Ted Burns

Dan & Jean Capitumini

Tom & Jessica Chace

Eliza Greene Chace Collins

Dick & Sheila Congdon
Kirsten & Josh Davis

Carol Drewes

Barbara Dreyer

Tony Estrella & Jennifer Madden

Nancy Evans

Dwight Fisher

Celia & Steve Gamm

Diane & VG Gooding

Amy E. Gravell

Paul Grellong

John & Marie Hennedy, in honor of Sam Babbitt

Thomas Hoagland & Deborah Kopech

Charles J. Mahoney

Ron Margolin & W. Lynn McKinney

Ivy & Daniel Marwil

Milly Massey

Peggy Melozzi & Dana Roszkiewicz

Ruth Otto

Elizabeth Pannell & James Watkins

Charles & Renia Platt
Tracy Reilly

Timothy M. Rivinus

Ellie Siegel & William H. Warren

Joyce Smith

Diane W. Strommer

Jean Talbot

Shanna Trufan & Leon Fortin

Laura Tucker

Miriam Weizenbaum