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a midsummer night's dream

'A midsummer night's dream' at the gamm theatre

"This is a delightful production of classic comedy, and whether you've seen it many times or it's your first night in the woods, you are in for have a truly magical experience. Highly recommended." Broadway World (5/18/22)


gamm's 'a midsummer night's dream'

"Marc Pierre seems born to play Puck, relishing his mischief." East Greenwich News (5/18/22)

Hysterically funny 'midsummer night' at gamm

"No one does it better than Nora Eschenheimer as Helena ... who is making her mark as one of Gamm’s best. Whenever she was on stage, my eyes followed her every move. Whatever she said or did conjured laughter." Warwick Beacon (5/18/22)


Just the right moment for gamm's 'midsummer night's dream'

"It's the actors who bring the true magic to this performance, and they're all in." Edge Media (5/16/22)

Gamm ends season with 'a midsummer night's dream'

"'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' is sexy, romantic, absurd, whimsical, exciting, and fun. You couldn’t ask for more from a night (or afternoon) at the theater." Warwick Post (5/17/22)

a most rare vision
Actor and Director Fred Sullivan, Jr. celebrates lifelong Love for Shakespeare at Warwick, RI's Gamm Theatre  Boston Spirit (May/June 2022)

gamm theatre honors shakespeare with 'glorious' take on play

"Shakespeare gave us the phrase, “Now is the winter of our discontent,” and we’ve recently experienced a couple of those.

At The Gamm Theatre, however, our pandemic-curtailed winters will be “made glorious” with comedy: 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream,' written, of course, by the same guy." The Independent (4/30/22)

Jamestown Native Returns in ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’

"I chose Michael because I needed a vibrant, athletic, musical, multi-talented verse speaker, and they don’t grow on trees.” Newport This Week (4/27/22)

Rehearsing Shakespeare: Actor Frank O’Donnell’s first-hand account of preparing for ‘Midsummer’

"Some would call it a lot of work. But let’s face it, there’s a reason they call it a 'play.'" What's Up Newp (4/27/22)


Gamm’s Ironbound is engaging, thought-provoking

"It’s a play full of subtext, and Walshe’s subtle directorial choices along with her all-star cast allow us to feel all of them. ...Hughes’ performance throughout is nothing short of amazing." WPRO (3/25/22)

IRONBOUND: Harnessing the immigrant spirit for a powerful punch

"95 minutes that might change your outlook on life. ...In Walshe’s hands, the show erupts with emotion, and Hughes provides most of it. ...She is, quite simply, amazing." Motif (3/25/22)

Gamm's 'Ironbound" is a triumph

"Make sure to see this play, but make sure to see it with people who'll want to talk about 'Ironbound' and its meaning over and over again."
Westerly Sun (3/24/22)

BWW Review: IRONBOUND at Gamm Theatre

"The audience finds itself spellbound by the performances. ...This IRONBOUND journey will take you through places you may never have been to before and that is what makes it special. ...Plays like this stay with you long after the lights go back on." Broadway World (3/21/22)

Review: 'Ironbound' a Darkly Funny, Compelling Examination of an Immigrant Woman's Experiences

"Hughes sells all of Darja's history in an expressive and heartbreaking performance. ...The ninety minute show is performed without an intermission, and is most definitely one to watch; you'll not be able to look away for a second." Edge Media (3/21/22)

Theater Review: ‘Ironbound’ features powerful performances

"'Ironbound' is so well done, it’s easy to believe that while it’s the story of one woman, it mirrors the experiences of millions who came here with only the American Promise in their pockets." What's Up Newport (3/22/22)

Gamm Theatre's 'Ironbound' a gritty portrait of immigrant resilience

"'Ironbound' is an especially important story now, as the plight of Darja, who fled Poland amid aggressions from the Soviet Union in the 1990s, mirrors the current situation in eastern Europe, where war has sparked a mass exodus of refugees from Ukraine and inspired worldwide humanitarian efforts." Providence Journal (3/20/22)

this woman's work

"'Most of the caregivers in this country, who are doing CNA work, nursing home work, child care work, they are working class women of color. They are immigrant women. They are responsible for some of the most intense, emotional, physical, psychologically demanding work that others won’t do.' It’s work that often goes unrecognized." Hey Rhody (3/1/22)


Gamm's 'AN Octoroon' Couldn't Be More Relevant

"This is theater that speaks loudly, if only we could all listen to what it has to say." Edge Providence (2/7/22)

An Octoroon at Gamm: Just Go

"And it is a funny show! It’s also deeply complicated and nuanced. Fortunately, there’s a strong cast to usher you along the way, under Wilson’s fantastic direction. The entire group is remarkable, with a lot of new faces on Gamm’s stage, widening the company’s already impressive talent pool. ...Just go." WPRO (2/11/22)

‘An Octoroon’ offers a challenging, heart-stirring look at the past and present

"[An Octoroon] pries at prejudices and pushes at closed gates in a person’s mind. It can elicit a gasp one moment, a chuckle the next. It is a challenging, heart-stirring piece of theater." Boston Globe (2/7/22)

the Gamm's production of 'An Octoroon' is must-see theater

"From its rousing opening dance number to its final shattering tableau, The Gamm’s production of 'An Octoroon' is a must-see. If this is theater in Rhode Island, I am here for it." Hey Rhody (2/7/22)

Gamm's 'An Octoroon' dives into race

"As a theatrical experience and as a look at our past, 'An Octoroon' is mesmerizing." Warwick Post (2/5/22)

The Gamm's 'An Octoroon' will turn your thinking upside down

"As I settled in to write about my (unforgettable) experience at the Gamm Theatre Sunday afternoon absorbing "An Octoroon," Branden Jacobs-Jenkins' excruciating, hilarious, mind-bending, edgy, comedy about race, and a play with a phenomenal cast, gorgeous costumes, a superb set and confident, brilliant direction, a voice on the radio interrupted my thoughts with some horrible, disturbing news." Westerly Sun (2/3/22)

Theater Review: Gamm Theatre’s ‘An Octoroon’ leaves an impression

"You’ve never seen anything quite like Branden Jacobs-Jenkins 'An Octoroon' ... You might leave the theater trying to sort out all the ideas, but you can’t stop thinking about what you’ve just seen." The Independent (2/3/22)

BWW Review: The Gamm's AN OCTOROON Is Not To Be Missed

"This is a powerful play, and one that asks a lot of its audience. Regardless of how one feels after a viewing, it's hard to imagine not being changed in a very real way, and that is the point of good art. The talent of the incredible cast, and the clear comradery among the actors are what make this compelling watching and it should not be missed." Broadway World (2/3/22)

'an octoroon' addresses race, past and present

"'An Octoroon' is a 19th century play reconfigured with a 21st century sensibility that somehow compresses time and history to create a play that’s laugh-out-loud funny, achingly tragic, and a call to action." East Greenwich News (2/2/22)

The Gamm's 'aN OCTOROON' hopes to be uncomfortable and joyous

"We as a company, we're not going to wimp out, we're gonna step into this. Because of how we use space, how we use our imaginations, it’s a beautiful production. I really … they've never seen the Gamm Theatre look like it's looked for this production."  The Public's Radio (1/27/22)


"It’s about building room where people are safe and can trust each other," Wilson says. "Who else is laughing? It’s like an onion, with many questions to be asked." Providence Journal (1/21/22)


Familiar classics await audiences at Gamm, PPAC, Trinity Rep

"Funny, exuberant, heart-warming and spirit-lifting. ...Best of all, there is enough holiday spirit packed into this 90-minute performance to carry theater goers right into the New Year." The Independent (12/3/21)

Gamm Theatre’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is Wonderful Indeed

"A joyous experience, and a great way to kick off the holiday season." Theater Mirror (12/3/21)

yes, it is a wonderful life, so head to the gamm for a reminder

"The Gamm's show is so fresh, new, and full of fine acting that even if you know every line by heart, or saw the 2019 version, you'll feel like this is the first time you're meeting George, ZuZu, Uncle Harry and mean old Mr. Potter." Westerly Sun (12/2/21)

classic holiday story now playing at gamm theatre

"It could be the perfect tonic for today’s world." What's Up Newport (12/2/21)

BWW Review: It's a wonderful life: a live radio play at gamm theatre

"There may be no better time for this big-hearted and endearingly classic performance then now. Right now."  Broadway World (12/1/21)

Gamm's wonderful life radio play is your new holiday tradition

"If you’re looking for a new tradition, or just want an evening out with the whole family, Gamm’s 'It’s a Wonderful Life' deserves to be included in your holiday merriment." WPRO (12/1/21)

gamm's 'wonderful life' is holiday perfect

"As a story with themes of community and resiliency, 'It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play' is just what people need this holiday season after two years of the pandemic." East Greenwich News (10/12/21)

gamm reprises 'it's a wonderful life: A live radio play'

"First-rate in every way. ...'It's A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play' celebrates compassion, generosity, and imparts a valuable message."
Warwick Post (11/30/21)



"It wraps you up in a message, but leaves you to write your own ending. That is the mark of great theatre." Motif (10/12/21)

“A Lie Agreed Upon” Throws Current Events in Sharp Relief

"Estrella champions Ibsen’s works for retaining their 'bite and relevance,' and he’s correct." WPRO (10/6/21)

Gamm Theatre's 'A Lie Agreed Upon' will get you thinking

"The Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre in Warwick is welcoming audiences back to live theater following an 18-month pandemic pause with...a powerful, riveting, thought-provoking and timely production." Westerly Sun (10/7/21)

With 'A Lie Agreed Upon,' Gamm updates Ibsen's classic

''A Lie Agreed Upon' is tough, in-your-face theater. It is as relevant today as it was in the 1800s, even more so. The issues are never clearly solved and the questions still remain as you leave the theatre after the shocking final scene." Johnston Sunrise (10/6/21)

Facts, truth, and 'A Lie Agreed Upon' at the Gamm

"The title of the play leaves you thinking. “A Lie Agreed Upon” - what is the lie, who is agreeing to it and why?" The Public's Radio (10/7/21)

Theater Review: 'A LIE AGREED UPON' at Gamm THEATre

"A Lie Agreed Upon could not be a more appropriate show for current times and makes for a perfect return to thought-provoking live theatre. Don't miss it." Broadway World (10/6/21)

Theater Review: 'A LIE AGREED UPON' at Gamm THEATre

"You’ll hang on to every chilling passage. . . . Estrella’s reworking is provocative and evocative." What's Up Newport (10/5/21)


"Top-rated performances. . . . A testament to the divisions fracturing our country." Warwick Post (10/5/21)

Curtains are rising at Rhode Island’s theaters again. But it won’t be the same as it was pre-COVID

"We’re still unsure of how comfortable people are going to be coming back,” said the artistic director for The Gamm. “But we have to start somewhere." Boston Globe (10/1/21)

The Gamm's 'A Lie Agreed Upon' will mark return of indoor theater in RI

"As a minor character in the Gamm Theatre’s 2004 production of Henrik Ibsen’s 'An Enemy of the People,' Rehoboth, Massachusetts, native Sean McConaghy watched the more seasoned actors dig into their characters." Providence Journal (9/24/21)


Hungering for live shows? This bold lineup coming to the Gamm Theatre won't disappoint

"Theater animates the complexity of humanity and helps people open up to each other." Providence Journal (3/17/22)

Middletown Native Lights Up Worlds of Fashion, Theater

"At the renowned Gamm Theatre in Warwick, he has lit a dozen pro­ductions, including, “Assassins,” his last show two years ago, which was shut down by the pandemic in the middle of its run. Roy will be lighting The Gamm Theatre’s upcoming production of “Ironbound” by Martyna Majok, which opens March 17." What's Up Newport (3/17/22)

putting mental health center stage

"Susie Schutt ’21 heads up innovative drama therapy program at Rhode Island theater."  Lesley University News (2/3/22)

learning with intention

"Robles has appeared in The Gamm’s production of 'A Lie Agreed Upon' and is assisting director Joe Wilson, Jr. in its current production of 'An Octoroon.' Robles will return to the stage for The Gamm’s final show of the season: 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream.'  URI News (2/3/22)

This r.i. theater is offering in-house drama therapy

The Gamm Theatre’s director of education and drama therapist, is expanding mental health support to schools and the broader community through a creative form of therapy.  The Boston Globe (1/31/22)

Gamm Theatre’s unique drama therapy program offers mental health counseling

"The Gamm Theatre established for this current artistic year a pilot, in-house drama therapy program that offers a different form of mental health support to schools and the surrounding communities. The theater group said it was accelerated by an increased need for mental health services during the pandemic’s second year."  Providence Business News (1/11/22)

Former RI stage actor is the new 'Jeopardy!' champion after unseating Matt Amodio

"Jonathan Fisher had a leading role in the 2016 presentation of 'A Skull in Connemara,' according to Gail Hulbert, director of communications and marketing for the theater. The theater, which is now in Warwick, was in Pawtucket at the time."  Providence Journal (10/12/21)

Theater alumnus earns opportunity of a lifetime as a Gamm Fellow

“If you have a passion for theater like I do, this is the place for you,” Garcia said. “They offer so many learning opportunities and really want you to succeed and learn as much as you can.”  CCRI NEWS (10/1/21)

Gamm theatre launches fellowship program

"The program, a collaborative effort among the Gamm and Rhode Island public universities, aims to mentor promising artists of color." 
American Theatre (9/28/21)

R.I. performance venues to require proof of COVID-19 vaccine or negative test

"Nine performance venues and theaters in Rhode Island released a united message to attendees and ticket holders Wednesday, requiring that all patrons attending indoor events to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19."  Boston Globe (8/25/21)


press releases



THE GAMM presents ironbound

A Woman’s Search for Love, Money, and Survival (2/21/22)

Gamm’s Innovative Drama Therapy Program Grows with Demand for Mental Health Services   [1/4/22)


Branden Jacobs-Jenkins' Boundary Breaking Play (1/3/22)


The Gamm Launches Fellowship Program for Emerging Artists

Partners with RI’s Public Colleges and University (9/21/21)

The Gamm Returns to Live, In-Person Performances with A LIE AGREED UPON

New Version of Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People Resonates Powerfully Today (9/2/21)

9 Rhode Island Performance Venues and Organizations to Require Audience Vaccinations, Masks

New COVID-19 Protocols in Effect until Further Notice (8/25/21)

The Gamm to Delay Season 36 Until Fall 2021 

Virtual Programming, Holiday Radio Broadcast, Education Initiatives Take Center Stage (10/1/20)