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​With an annual gift of $1,250 or more you become a leadership donor. Your contribution ​helps The Gamm Theatre achieve its goals of stabilization and long-range planning, including leasehold improvements, educational programs and professional fees for actors, directors and designers.

In return for your generosity, you'll become a member of the Producers Circle with added benefits including:

  • Sneak peeks at upcoming productions, including discussions with directors, designers & actors

  • Invitations to exclusive parties & events

  • Website & play program acknowledgement

Thank you for your generous support!

For more information about the Producers Circle, please contact Brittany Costello at 401-723-4266 ext. 111 or

producers circle events

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Admissions • 2/3/20

Producers Circle members, staff, board & designers gathered in the Gamm lobby for our only Producers Circle Event of 2020. After hors d’oeuvres, drinks and mingling, Artistic Director Tony Estrella welcomed guests to the set of Admissions to introduce Set Designer Patrick Lynch and Costume Designer Amanda Downing Carney. Also joining the discussion was Production Manager Jess Hill Kidd.


Patrick and Amanda generously shared their design processes from inspiration to full scale realization. On display were costumes from the show, including the much beloved Frida Calo apron, worn in the production by cast member Deb Martin. Patrick’s set model was also on display as well as original design drawings which he passed out among the audience to peruse. Guests asked questions throughout the presentation and were delighted to learn behind the scenes “secrets” on the set.


We are so thankful for our Producers Circle members and all of our donors! You help to make our work possible and we appreciate you.

Photos by Tracy Reilly.

As You Like It • 5/1/18

Guests enjoyed an evening of conversation, performance, and hors d’oeuvres at our final Producers Circle event of Season 33. Artistic Director Tony Estrella welcomed guests to the theater and introduced Susie Schutt, Education Director, and Kate Hanson, Education & Outreach Coordinator.


Susie and Kate spoke in detail about Pawtucket Literacy & Arts for Youth (PLAY) and other education programs including the 7 Ages Project and Gamm Summer Intensive (GSI). Guests enjoyed performances of a scene and monologue from As You Like It by actors from Gamm’s current production and GSI students. An engaging Q&A topped off the evening.


Thank you to our Producers Circle members – and all of our donors – for generously supporting us. We look forward to sharing Season 34 with you in our new home in Warwick!


Photos by Jessica Chace.​

The Importance of Being Earnest • 10/10/17

It was a wonderful first Producers Circle event of Season 33 at the home of W. Lynn McKinney and Ron Margolin in Narragansett. Guests enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and scenic lakeside view with conversation, drinks, and hors d'oeuvres.


Host Lynn McKinney and Artistic Director Tony Estrella welcomed the guests for the speaking program. Costume Designer David T. Howard shared inside details and secrets about his costumes from the production. Gowns worn by Nora Eschenheimer (Gwendolyn) and Alison Russo (Cecily), and a suit worn by Marc Dante Mancini (Algernon) were on display for the guests to see up close and personal. (Yes, all were handmade by David Howard!)


The Gamm thanks Lynn, Ron, and Eliza Greene Chace Collins for generously hosting this special event - and thanks all of our Producers Circle members for their support. We're so grateful to you.


Photo by Jessica Chace.

King Elizabeth  • 5/17/17

It was a special gathering for our final Producers Circle event of Season 32. Guests enjoyed drinks and hors d'oeuvres in the lobby before heading inside the theater for an intimate Q&A on the set of King Elizabeth.


Artistic Director Tony Estrella and lead actresses Jeanine Kane and Marianna Bassham shared more about the production and their portrayals of Queen Elizabeth and Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. Conversation and laughter flowed - it was a memorable evening among friends.


Thank you to our Producers Circle members and all of our loyal donors for their generous support throughout the season. You make our work possible. See you soon for Season 33! 


Photo by Jessica Chace.

Arcadia • 9/27/16

Hosted by Assistant Director, Milly Massey

Milly Massey’s beautiful home was the setting for the first Producers Circle Event of Season 32 on Tuesday, September 27. Amid lush gardens and glow of the candlelit porch guests enjoyed fine wines and seasonal hors d’oeuvres. Music played softly in the background.


Artistic Director Tony Estrella welcomed guests and opened the floor for Arcadia designers, Jess Hill Kidd (Scenic Designer) and David Howard (Costume Designer).  They shared information on their research, vision, and design process for creating the stunning set, panoramic backdrop, and 19th century costumes – and even let the guests in on a few of their secrets!


To top off the evening, Tony presented flowers to board member Eliza Greene Chace Collins in celebration of her birthday as guests sang “Happy Birthday” with glasses raised in her honor. It was arcadia in Providence!


Thank you to our Producers Circle Members, and thank you to all of our donors.  Because of your generous financial contributions, The Gamm has kicked off its 32nd Season with an extended show and continues to deepen its impact in the Pawtucket schools and community. Thank you for your support!


Photos by Shannon Carroll.

The Winter's Tale • 5/17/16

The Winter’s Tale Project was presented at our final Producers Circle event of the season on May 17. Producers Circle Members enjoyed a special presentation led by The Gamm’s Education team, Susie Schutt and Kate Hanson.


A sneak peek of the Winter’s Tale Project Instagram video kicked off the evening. Middle- and high-school students performed monologues, original songs, and scenes with The Winter’s Tale cast members on The Gamm stage. The finale was a Q&A talkback with the performers and attending teachers, Karen Carpenter, Joanne Doyle, Theresa Fox, and Andy Goff.


Congratulations to the student performers for their talents and hard work!

Corwin Almo (Nathan Bishop Middle School, Pvd)

Jewel Dumond (JMW High School, Pawtucket)

Destiny Henderson (Classical High School, Pvd)

Francy Hinds (Slater Junior High School, Pawtucket)

Jeremy Hyora (Blackstone Academy, Pawtucket)

Bella Lundberg (Nathan Bishop Middle School, Pvd)

Jahinya Morris (JMW High School, Pawtucket)


Guests savored delicious hors d’oeuvres by Easy Entertaining in the lobby following the performance. Thank you again to our Producers Circle Members for their generous support throughout Season 31. We’ll see you soon for our 32nd Season!  


Photos by Arik Beatty.

Winter's Tale Project
Winter's Tale Project
Winter's Tale Project
Winter's Tale Project
Winter's Tale Project
Winter's Tale Project
Winter's Tale Project
Winter's Tale Project
Winter's Tale Project
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