Dear Friends,


With great love and deep sadness we share the news of Wendy Overly's passing Tuesday afternoon after being diagnosed in August with an aggressive form of cancer which advanced too, too quickly.


She passed in the company of her closest family and friends, and will be remembered by all of us in the theatre community as an extraordinarily gifted actor, director, teacher, baker and friend. 


For almost twenty years Wendy's work has thrilled, moved and lifted us and it is a gross understatement to point out the obvious: The Gamm would not be the organization it is without her. From Cat on A Hot Tin Roof in October of 2002, to Admissions in January of this year... 27 amazing roles acted, 2 incredible productions directed, thousands of Overly Delicious cookies baked... The theatre has lost a singular talent. How lucky we have been to share in it for so long. 


We look forward to sharing with you more memories of Wendy's extraordinary work very soon. 


Peace and love,

The Gamm Theatre