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We are teaming up with Collette to bring 7 days and 6 nights in London with your Gamm friends and Artistic Director Tony Estrella. Explore London and enjoy 4 shows with Tony and your fellow theater lovers on this Gamm exclusive trip! 



I hope you'll join me in London, the true Theatre Capital of the world, for an incredible week exploring one of my favorite cities. My first of many visits to London was in 2004. My partner Jennifer and I got off the red eye flight, sleepless and jet lagged, staggered through Heathrow, dropped our bags at our Kensington hotel, then raced through the city, ending up at my favorite building on the planet – The National Theatre – to see Martin McDonagh's The Pillowman.  Later, that evening crossing over the Thames on the Waterloo Bridge, I looked at Jennifer and said "I think that might be the greatest show I've ever seen." She nodded, awestruck.  An auspicious day one! And on many return trips the city has only yielded more and more of its treasures. I look forward to experiencing them with you! Hope you'll join me!




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