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SOLIDARITY in action

This moment in history is not a solitary moment. Generations of structurally engineered oppression have brought us to today. To our BlPOC friends, artists, students, and community members, we see you and we stand with you in solidarity and support. The Gamm is using this platform to amplify social justice and aid organizations who are doing important work by, with, and for Black people and people of color.


As hopeless as we may feel, we as a community and as individuals cannot allow despair and heartbreak to paralyze us. There are things we all can do. Below are links to resources our staff are finding helpful. We hope you will act, share and pass them along. This listing is by no means comprehensive. We invite our community to share feedback with us at 


We welcome you to read our pledge of solidarity in this letter from Gamm leadership. To learn what we are doing to become a more just, equitable and inclusive organization, please read about our anti-racism commitment to you

Learn more about and consider supporting these NATIONAL and local organizations

organizations that uplift and amplify bipoc voices

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